About the Hortised Project

The European Project LIFE14 ENV/IT/000113 “HORTISED”:”Demonstration of the suitability of dredged remediated sediments for safe and sustainable horticulture production”
The HORTISED project aims at demonstrate the suitability of dredged remediated sediments as an
alternative for the preparation of growing media in horticulture.
The project will demonstrate the great potentials of sediment-based growing media through the growth of pomegranate and strawberry as representative plants at farm scale in Italy and Spain.
The performance of the innovative growing media will be demonstrated by comparison with the typical
production of the same fruits obtained with the use of the traditional peat-based growing media.
The HORTISED project will also highlight the current legislative and cultural reasons for hindrance in the use of innovative growing substrates in horticulture and will produce guidelines for the safe and sustainable use of sediments as ingredients of horticultural growing media.