The main result of the HORTISED project is the production of a:
– an innovative technology and specicifc protocols for more sustainable fruit production achieved by the use of sediment-based growing media for replacing the current peat-based growing media.
The specific results will be:
– the 100% evaluation of the suitability of the sediments for the cultivation and production of strawberries in containers and for the propagation by cuttings and the fruit production of pomegranate in containers;
– the 100% characterisation from the morphological, biochemical and sensorial point of view of 2 strawberry and 2 pomegranate cultivars grown on substrates containing treated sediments;
– the 100% evaluation of the suitability of such fruits in relation to heavy metals and other pollutants also of organic origin;
– the 100% characterisation of the growth, development and rooting performance of pomegranate cuttings cultivated in containers for the preparation of samplings;
– the 100% improvement of the knowledge on the treated sediments and their influence on plant growth and fruit quality;
– the promotion of the use of innovative means and specific protocols in the normative and legislative issues related to the production in horticultural areas
– waste management: amount (%) of reduction of the use of peat and its substitution with treated sediments (10-20 % of substitution are expected). We have considered the dredged sediment as a waste, although this specific type of waste was not listed in the Life Project Specific Indicators Excel document.
– reduction of CO2 emission (kg) due to the substitution of peat by treated sediments (expected to be about 80-90% less)
– in our experience we foreseen that the new sediment based growth substrate may be a marketable product if the demonstration is successful. Hence, we have filled the point 3.1 (Resource efficiency – energy) in the Life Project Specific Indicators Excel document, and we will make our evaluation accounting based on the use of 15 metric tonns used either in Italy and Spain.