Hortised Updates april-may 2016
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HORTISED Management Meeting ISE-CNR PISA 16th march 2016

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HORTISED 6 MONTH TECHNICAL AND MONITORING MEETING 15th March 2016 at DISPAA premises, Viale delle Idee, 30, Sesto Fiorentino (Florence)

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DISPAA survey of staff at the Company Zelari Plants S.S. ( Pieve a Nievole – PT ) to define where to prepare demonstration tests provided by the B3 and B4 Actions


      • Networking with Life Sekret project and Cleansed Life project at the event “Il dragaggio dei porti: una sfida per l’ambiente” on 24 February 2016 at Regione Toscana


      • Meeting with representatives UNIVERSIDAD AUTÓNOMA DE TAMAULIPAS, Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, Mexico 1 February 2016 , the National Research Council , Pisa

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      • Billboards on the site of the treatment landfarming
      • Preparation of AGRIPORT for treatment landfarming

Preparazione della vasca AGRIPORT per il trattamento di landfarming (1)Preparazione della vasca AGRIPORT per il trattamento di landfarming (2)

      • Untreated sediment

Sedimento non trattato (campionamento 7.12.2015)

      • Second sampling of the sediment

second sampling

      • Our fruits


      • Kick off meeting Florence 29th october 2015